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Trick to Automatically Shutdown PC in Windows

21/09/2011 18:55
Sometimes you have to shutdown your PC when you are away from it.If you have your antivirus scan running or downloading huge files from internet you can’t sit in front of the pc for whole time.There are a lot of third party softwares which can schedule the shutdown process.By using this trick...

Trick to Display Your Name With Time in Taskbar

21/09/2011 18:52
You can display your name with time instead of AM/PM in taskbar of windows 7,vista and windows Xp without using any third party software.You can use two names and they will be automatically changed during daytime (AM) and Night (PM). Trick to Display...

Javascripts and Others Tips & Tricks

21/09/2011 18:44
  How do I get the page background image to stay fixed when the page is scrolled? The technique is...

Tips And Tricks To Speed up windows 7

21/09/2011 18:38
With the launch of windows 7 we have witnessed one of the fastest operating system by Microsoft.But still there are people who want more and more!.This article is for all those people who want to increase the performance/speed of their windows 7 operating system. We are not providing here any...

Trick On How To Send Anonymous Mail

21/09/2011 18:37
You might find a lot of methods on Internet for sending fake or anonymous email.But due to good detection mechanism used by mail servers of google,yahoo,rediff,AOL and hotmail most of them are blocked.So,now I am giving you a new and a simple method for sending fake or anonymous emails.This is...

How To Download Facebook or Youtube Videos Without Any Tools

21/09/2011 18:36
    Have you ever liked a video shared by your friend on facebook and wanted to download it…Well this this tutorial is not only for facebook or youtube instead it can be used for any video streaming website like...
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