The new Roommate

The new Roommate

Chapter 1: Beginning


“Adam, thanks for the ride? I can’t believe my car broke down, damn ford” Angel said to Adam, who picked him up from work.

“I heard you moved again” Adam said. Adam and angel have been friends since High School and through FBI training and now working for the FBI.

“Yea, I live with my cousins. We all moved in together a month ago. I forgot to tell you because I was stationed in Singapore.” Angel explained

“Oh, right. Where are you located?” Adam asked

“On Main Street” Angel replied

“Main Street? That areas are mansions” Adam said

“I know, my cousins can afford it. Let’s see…one is an ER Doctor, NASA Rocket Scientist, Photographer, Disc jockey and me” Angel explained

“Shit, do you see your cousins often, with their busy schedule?” Adam asked

“Not really, I see them for lunch and dinner. Humm’ Angel checked his watch’ one of my cousins should be home, getting ready for work. That my house, the one with the red door” Angel said.

Adam parked the car on the driveway. Adam whistled when he fully saw the house or other words the mansion. 

“Come on in, I’ll show you around. I need to go my room first, I need to change.” Angel said walking up to the door, unlocking it. Angel can hear the shower going.

“I see that my cousin is finishing showering. Lets go” angel said passing the doors to the stairs.

Adam followed Angel upstairs. “Who decorated the place?” he asked

“My cousin, the ER Doctor” Angel said

“Nice…I like it” Adam said

“I like it too, you should check out my room. She decorated my room and everyone else” Angel said

“Sure” Adam said

“My room is like a bachelor pad, but in a room” Angel said humorously.

Adam slowed down to see whole stairs. While Angel goes to his room, Adam looked around. In the corner of his eye, he saw a movement. He turned to the movement theirs stopped when he noticed the movement was a woman, a naked one that is. He sucked in the vision. She was beautiful. Her body has curves in the right places. He felt his body tightening, hot blood rushing to his groin. His breathing became harsh. The woman had headphones on so that she couldn’t hear him breathing deeply. She walked into her room without care that she is naked. She has left her door opened oblivious that he can see into her room. She got a bottle of lotion from her desk, she place a bit on her hand and spread the lotion on her body. She finished applying lotion on her body, she when back to her drawer. She took out something black. He moved closer to her room, it was black lace bra and panties. She took her time putting them on, which makes it for him much harder. She touched her breast if the bra was fitting properly. She went back to her drawer, the last drawer that gave him a great view of her ass. She stood up again, her hand holding black stocking. She sat on her bed. Pulled on leg up, rolled on her stocking that reached her mid-thigh. She repeated with the other leg. She went to her closet to get her…garter belt.

“Lady, you’re killing me!” Adam said himself. He watched as she slipped the garter belt and clipped the stocking to her stockings.

“Adam, where are you man?” Angel yelled somewhere.


Chapter 2: continue


Max stopped what she was doing, she heard someone yelling, and she looked at the opening of her door. She saw a man standing by her door, staring at her. He’s a handsome man. 5 o’clock shadow to die for. She smiled at herself in a sneaky way; she wanted to mess with him little for peeping at her. Max grabbed her silt robe from behind the door; she putted it on and tied it. Max seductively walked to the stranger. She stopped when they were chest and chest to each other. Max felt him stiffening up. So did his erection. She when to her toes and went close to his ears.

“You like what you see?” max whispered to his ear. Then she quickly pulled her knee up and kneed him in the groin, she watched as he slowly dropped to the floor in pain.

Adam didn’t know what hit him. One minute he was standing with the fantasy woman, then he ending on the floor in massive pain. She kicked him again in the chest when he was still lying on the floor. She jumped on him with each leg on his hips. Max pulled back her hand; she made a fist and went for his head. Adam closed his eyes because he doesn’t want to see what will happen next. Adam heard someone yelled, and then nothing happened. Adam carefully opened his eyes to see her fist right close to his eye. He figured that it was angel that yelled before she punches him. Her hand opened, she slapped him in the face. He felt his cheek stinging. 

“Max, that was uncalled for!” angel said after he saw her slap Adam. 

“What?” max asked innocently, still sitting on Adam.

“Uh…Adam, what are you doing on the floor?” angel asked to Adam.

“I…Err…”Adam didn’t finish because max interrupted.

“He tripped on the carpet when he walked to your room; I also tripped, so I landed on him. I saw a bug on his face and I was about to slap it away when you yelled at me” max explained.

“With your fist?” angel said not buying the excuse. 

“Well…yea” max said uncaring.

“Right…” angel said.

Max looked at the man below her, she bended down to whisper in his ear again, but Adam got there before her.

“I like what I see” Adam whispered to her.

“Max, get off on Adam. Oh, by the way. Adam this is max, max this is Adam” angel introduced them to each other.

Max got off of Adam, Adam was disappointed that max had to move, she fitted perfectly against him. 

“I need to change for work” max said going back to her room and closing her door.

“You’ll do that…Adam, get up from the floor” angel said walking back to his room, shaking his head.

Adam was still lying on the floor staring at Max’s door. “What is she?” he said to himself.

“Let’s see…the ER Doctor, the house decorator…” angel said over his shoulder.

Adam pulled himself up from the floor and followed angel, again. “How does she know those move she should be in the FBI” he said to angel.

“She was” angel said

“She was on the FBI, What happen?” Adam asked

“You don’t wanna know she is now saving lives and decorating houses” angel said

“Oh” Adam said taking the hint not to further the conversation.

“Come on, I’ll show you the game room, it got a bowling alley” angel said as he guided Adam to the game room downstairs.

“A bowling alley, what next you’ll going to tell me, you have a go-cart track in your back yard?” Adam said sarcastically.

“How did you know?” angel asked

“Seriously?” Adam said, from the looks on his face he was serious. “You got a go-cart track in your back yard?” he said amazingly.

“Well…yea…didn’t you know that everybody has one?” angel said conceitedly. 

“Man, I would love to live here!” Adam said honestly.

“No problem, all I have to do is to ask my cousins” angel said.

“I don’t know they don’t even know me” Adam said.

“Don’t worry about it, they’re going to like you, the rent is $500” angel said

“What $500, a month, that‘s cheap!” Adam asked.

“The house is already paid for; all we need to pay is for the electric and the gas” angel said “There is one more thing, the food and butler is included”

“A butler?” Adam asked.

“This is a huge place, we also have a maid” angel said entering the game room.

Adam didn’t say anything back; he stepped into a huge game room for billionaires.


Chapter 3:


Max finished dressing for work in her business suit. She went downstairs looking for angel. She saw Adam looking around downstairs.

“Lost, pervert?” max said sarcastically. 

Adam looked up to see max in a business suit that had fitted her perfectly and sexy black heels that made her legs go on forever. “I want to apologize for this afternoon in the hallway” Adam apologizing.

“Don’t worry about, are you lost pervert?” max asked again.

“I’m looking for the bathroom” Adam asked.

“No problem, I’ll show you” max returned, she finally reached downstairs. She walked in a different direction from where Adam had entered. He had followed max. She stopped and opened a door to a modern looking bathroom. 

“How do you know which door is what?” Adam asked.

“I did decorated this house, I should know what every door should be” max returned, widening the door for Adam to enter.

“Thanks” Adam said. He waited for max to leave. “Would you mind leaving?” he asked.

“I don’t mind at all, you saw me, why can’t I see you?” max asked, leaning her head to one side that made her look so cute.

“I don’t mind at all, just not when I have to go pee” Adam said

“Too-shay” max said leaving Adam to his personal business.

Max waited for Adam to finish in the bathroom. Adam opened the door to see max leaning against the wall that was opposite of the bathroom. He thought she looked so sexy staring back at him. He wanted her so much.

“Where is angel?” max asked Adam.

“He’s ah….oh, yeah. Bowling!” Adam answered.

“Kay, I need to say good-bye to him” max stood back up, she walked to a different direction from the bowling alley where Adam came from.

“The bowling alley is the other way” Adam pointed the other way.

“Adam, you think there is one way to the bowling alley?” max asked

“Good point!” Adam said back, he followed max again. She opened the door to the bowling alley.

“Going to work, max?” angel asked from behind him, when he was at the edge of the lane. He knew it was max since he knew her so well.

“Yea, I’ll see you at dinner” max said back, moving away from the door.

“Max, wait. I been meaning to ask you, if you are okay with Adam moving in the house with us?” angel asked.

Max faced Adam with a raised eyebrow, she scanned his body. “Fine with me, but ask the rest if they are okay with it” max replied back not turning away from Adam.

“Will do” angel said, he rolled the bowling ball and had a strike.

“Later, angel” max said to angel. She went closer to Adam. “Later, pervert” she whispered to Adam, and then she walked out of the house with Adam eyes burning into her back.


Chapter 4:  


Max had arrived back home at eight, the same time she had always had. She entered the house with all her cousins in the kitchen and Adam cutting some veggies on the cutting board.

“Hey, people” max said.

“Hey” everyone said back to her.

“You guys need help?” max asked.

“Yea, go help Adam with the veggies. We had all agreed to Adam living here” Sophia said.

“O-key dokey” max said. She made her way to Adam, on her way she got another cutting board. She went and sat next to Adam, brushing her legs to him purposely. She felt him stiffening up, she smiled to herself inside.

“What room are you taking?” max asked Adam as she took bell peppers from Adam broad to hers and begin to cut in small pieces.

“I don’t know yet” Adam said continuing cutting. He can still feel the heat where she brushed his leg.

“Humm, how about after dinner, I’ll show you all the rooms that you can take?” max asked.

“Great, it’s a date” Adam said.

“You wish!” max shot back.

Before Adam can answer, April asked for max by the stove. 

“Coming!” max said, getting up from her seat. “Finish my tomatoes” max asked Adam on her way to the stove.

“Sure” Adam said. Adam grabbed a tomato but there wasn’t any left, it was all on max cutting board in a small perfect pile. “That was quick” he said to himself. He turned to max, she took the spoon from April, and she dipped it gently in the sauce. She took the spoon to her lips; she blew on it a little to cool the sauce. The spoon went into her mouth, she pulled it out clean. She licked her lips slowly. He felt the rush of blood going to his groin. 

“What are you staring at?” Skot asked from behind Adam.

“Ah…nothing” Adam replied going back to cutting again.

“Sure, you like max don’t ya?” Skot asked.

“Maybe” Adam said honestly.

“Well, since you’re living here, you’re going to see more of her” Skot said.

“Tell me about it” Adam muttered to himself.

“What you say?” Skot asked.

“Nothing” Adam said quickly.

“Right!” Skot said, he heard April yelling that the food was done. “Talk to you later, time for some grub” 

“Sure” Adam said not looking at Skot but he followed him to the food.

“This is delicious, who made it?” Adam asked.

“I did, what you can learn from the food network!” April replied.

“Adam, since you are living here, you should have the honor of cleaning up” Angel said. Everyone agreed and laughed at Adam.

“Sure” Adam said, grabbing the plate, so did Angel.

“We’re just kidding, come on guys. Help the man. Skot prepare the dishwasher” Angel ordered.

“Okay” Skot returned, getting the soap from the under the sink. Max ands April cleaned the table; it took less than five minutes.

Adam, let’s go and find you a room!” max said turning to a door that she was about to open.

“Okay, where are you going?” Adam asked.

“The stairs, of course” max said over her shoulder.

“Of course” Adam repeated after max. He walked quickly so he wouldn’t get lost again.

“So…do you think they will get along with each other?” Skot asked when max and Adam was out of ears way.

“Really well, I’ll say” Sophia said laughing out loud. 

“Sophia…you are so nasty” Angel said also laughing, so did everyone else.


Chapter 5:



“So…would you like a window or no?” max asked, walking to the hallway.

“Window, please?” Adam asked.

“Bathroom?” max asked.

“Yea…you know it feels like I’m buying a car…would you like a two door or a four door?” Adam said.

“It does, doesn’t it? Okay, Windows and a bathroom. There are only three rooms that have both of those. The first one that we are entering is the closest to us. So…let’s begin” max said turning to open the door to the bedroom. 

Adam looked around the room; it’s a bit small for him. He looked at the bathroom, it was also small.

“Well, how about this room?” max asked.

“Well…it’s a bit small for me. The bathroom has a tub, I like to take a shower” Adam said.

“I do too…let’s carry on. The next one is not that far from here. It is a bigger and it has a shower” max said as she opened another door.

Adam first impression was the location of the room. The window is over-looking the neighbors. He likes his privacy.

“What about this room?” max asked.

“I hate the location of it” Adam returned.

“What, you don’t like people peeping at you?” max said shocked.

“No, but for you, you’re an exception” Adam returned.

“Really, I keep you to that. There is only one more bedroom left” max said leaving the room.

“Okay, but I need to know. Is it in a good location, do I have my privacy?” Adam asked

“This room has a great location, but…” max said going to the next room.

Adam looked at the room. It was perfect for him. Now it was an office. He remembered that max said ‘but’. He turned to max. She was leaning on the door panel.

“What do you mean by but?” Adam asked.

“You’ll be sharing a bathroom with someone” max said from the door. She went to the door for the bathroom. She opened the door to a beautiful tiled bathroom with a shower in the middle of the wall with two sinks. The toilet is in a separate room from the bathroom.

“Who am I going to share a bathroom with?” Adam asked as he walked into the bathroom. He sat on the edge of the tub in the corner of the room, by the window.

“Well…me!” max said without feeling.

“Well, well, well…I’ll be sharing a bathroom with you. It feels like it is like sharing a bedroom with you” Adam said.

“I guess, unless you prefer the…other rooms” max said stressing out the other.

“No, no. I like this room. I want it” Adam said.

“As you wish” max replied mockingly.

“But I do wish” Adam whispered deeply that sent tingles down her body.

“Fine, I need to get a notepad and a pen” max said. She went to Adam new room to her desk. She took a pen and her favorite notepad.

“What kind of room would you like?” max asked Adam as she stepped into the bathroom again.

“I want something simple and modern” Adam reply.

“Sure, what is the room color?” max asked

“My favorite color, dark blue” Adam said.

“Okay. How about this...’ Max began. She walked to the nearest wall. ‘This wall and the other three walls of it have three big horizontal lines in dark blue and light blue.’ She went to one of the other wall. ‘On this side are your bed and a side table. There will be drawers over there and a metal desk there. There is going to be a TV there”

“That’s great, when will it be finished?” Adam asked nicely.

“In about a week” max returned. “I need to make some phones calls; you have to move out of your apartment, right?”

“Yea” Adam said.

“When you are finished packing, I think this will be fine by then” max said.

“Okay’ he said looking at his watch ‘I need to go home, got work early in the morning” he said when he went to the door.

“Adam, you work for the FBI, right?” max asked him straight in the eye.

“Yea, the same time Angel did” he returned back

“I see” max said looking past him.

“Why did you leave the FBI, you must have been a really good agent?” Adam questioned.

“Who told you that I was in the FBI?” max demanded.

“Ah…Angel told me. Why did you leave the FBI?” Adam asked

“I was forced to watch my partner being killed” max said softly. She walked to the bathroom and closed the door, leaving Adam alone in the quiet room. 


Chapter 6:


“Its okay, Adam. You didn’t hurt her feelings” Angel said behind him. He saw the whole scene undetected.

“I didn’t?” Adam asked to Angel behind him.

“No, she just won’t talk or look at you for a while that’s all” Angel returned jokingly. 

“But I want her to look at me!” Adam yelled, and then he turned red when he realizes what he just said.

“Really, now?” Angel asked curiously.

“I…ah…am going now” Adam said brushing past Angel at the doorway. He can hear Angel laughing at him.

One week later…

Adam finished parking the last of his things, when his phone ranged.

“Hello, Adam here” Adam replied.

“Adam, its max. Your room is complete. You can move in now!” max said joyfully.

Adam smiled at himself that he was able to talk to max again. “Great, I just finished parking when you just called.” He said

Okay. Do you need any help?” max asked.

Adam paused a moment. He was able to see max again; he is not going to lose this opportunity. “That would be great. I have a question. What do I do with my furniture?” he asked.

“No problem. I can use them for my other projects or you can storage them.” She said.

“I think I’ll just give it to you” he said.

“Thank you. I’ll be there in about an hour. I have errands to do first” max said.

“Okay, take your time. I’m not in a hurry” Adam lied to max. He was in a hurry to move in right next to max, sharing a bathroom with her, knowing that she is just steps away from his bed.

“Okay, I’ll see you later” max replied back.

“Okay” Adam said hanging up his phone.

One hour later, max came to his apartment. She knocked the door; Adam opened the door to see max, in a lovely white tank top and long shorts that shows her legs. She had a smile on her face. Adam guessed that she got over the scene in his new room a week before.

“Hi” max said happily.

“Hi, yourself. Come in, come in!” Adam asked opening the door wider for her. She brushed past him to his living room.

“Wow, look at all these boxes. Hmmm, Clothes, Clothes, Bathroom, Kitchen…Very organized, I’m impressed” max said.

“Thank you, could I get a reward for my achievement?” Adam said grinning.

“Sure, go and pick a box. I brought the moving truck.” Max said as she took one of the boxes.

Adam did take a box, her box. He walked out the door leaving max speechless of what he just done. He smiled boldly.

“Smart ass!” max yelled behind him, when she snapped out of it.

“Thank you, I like your ass too” Adam said over his shoulder. He continued walking, ignoring nasty remarks from max delectable mouth. 

They finished loading the truck; he left the furniture at his apartment. Giving the key to max, so she can do whatever with his furniture. They drove to the mansion. They reached the mansion; Adam grabbed a box when he opened the back of the truck door. He entered the house to see Angel.

“Hey, bubby. Need a hand?” Angel asked on his way out the door.

“Sure, there is more in the truck, thanks” Adam said as he went to the stairs to his new room. 

“Your room looks great, I’m jealous, it looks better than mine!” Angel said jokingly. “No offence, max”

“Non-taken” max said when she entered the house.

Adam went to see his room. It was better than he imagined. It was like max had said but better. It was simple and modern, just as he said.

“You like?” max asked as she dropped the box she was carrying to the hardwood floor.

“Like it, I love it” Adam said meaning each word.

“Thanks, go back the truck, there is lots more boxes left” max ordered to Adam.

“Yes, ma’am” Adam salute her and left. 

“Max, get out of the way, your blocking the door and this box is heavy” Angel asked.

“Opps, sorry” max said as she moved out of the way.

Angel placed the box to the floor with a thump. He went back down stairs for more boxes. Max went to the desk of Adam’s new room. She remembered that this room used to be her office. She touched the desk in a slow sweeping.

Adam stopped at the door when he saw max touching his desk. She looked beautiful with softness in her face. He could watch her forever.

“Move Adam, this box is heavy. Unless you want it crash to the floor!” Angel demanded at Adam back.

“Sorry” Adam muttered but he didn’t mean it. He still watched as she turned to him in surprise. He went closer to max. “You did an amazing job”

“Thank you” she said softly. 

“Yea, good job, cuz” Angel said as he place the other box next to his first box.

“Thanks” max said again


Chapter 7: 


“Adam, the bathroom is the same, because I like it that way” max said

“Okay, I do love the bathroom too” Adam said. He waited patiently for Angel to leave the room before he did anything irrational. He went closer to max and kissed her on the lips. He raises his head to see Max’s reaction. Moments later he was on the floor again, groaning in pain.

“Would you stop kneeling him there? There’s a limit on which a guy can take” Angel said when he saw Adam on the floor again.

“I’m so sorry, Adam!” max said meaningful. She kneeled to his side.

“I’m…Oh-Kay” Adam whispered then groaned out loud again.

“Max! What did you do to Adam?” Sophia asked when she came in the room.

“Nothing’ Max said innocently. ‘ Well, maybe, a little something. But it was an accident. I just kneed him in the groin”

“Ouch” Skot said at the scene as he went to Sophia he grabbed for his own testes. Protecting them from max.

“Okay, I’m good” Adam said as he began to sit up.

“I’m sorry, Adam. I didn’t mean it” max said really guilty.

“No, No. it was my fault. I shouldn’t kiss you” Adam said to max in front of everyone. “Shit” he muttered

“You’re ‘shit’ all right. No wonder she kicked you” Sophia understanding now.

Skot laughed out loud. “Max has a habit of kicking guys in the balls when they got too close to her”

“Why is that?” Adam asked Skot.

“Ah…I’ll be going now…” Skot excused himself of the room.

Adam gently rose from the floor to the bed. “Comfy” he said as he laided on the bed.

“Thanks” max said.

“Well…you can say she had bad ‘experiences’” Sophia explained.

“I see” Adam understanding.

“Well, let’s go back to work, people!” max ordered to the group. She ended the conversation of her personal life.

“Right, I need a moment please” Adam said from the bed. Everyone laughed at him, even him.

“All done” Adam said, folding his last shirt and place it in drawer.

“Great, let’s eat, I’m starved” max said, rubbing her stomach.

“What ya want to eat?” April asked.

“Hmmm, Thai food!” Skot said.

“Yea…Pad Sheu!” max said walking to the door.

“I want some golden calamari” Skot.

“Thai salad for me” April said walking after max.

“Thai food?” Adam asked.

“Yea, we eat Thai food every week” Angel said following April.

“Cool’ Adam said ‘Someone said something about pad sheu?”

“I think you and max will get along just fine” Angel said over his shoulder.

“Hope so…” Adam muttered to himself.

“I heard that” Angel cursed out loud.

Angel laughed at Adam.

“Man, I’m stuffed” Skot said rubbing his stomach.

“I’m fat!” Angel said out of nowhere.

“All right, I need to go to bed, I got work tomorrow” Max said going upstairs.

“Night” Everybody said to max. Then everyone went their separate ways. Angel and Skot went to the go-carts. Sophia needed to go to work. So did April. Adam went to his room. It took ten minutes to find, he made a wrong turn somewhere and landed somewhere else. Adam entered his room with the shower in the bathroom. Adam checked the door, it was unlocked. Adam opened the door and tried not to look at Max. Adam quietly walked to the toilet and closed the door.

Max felt a tingle go through her body. Someone was in the bathroom with her. Max first guess was it was Adam. She forgot to lock the door, since Adam room used to be her office. She turned the shower off, she grabbed a towel close to her, but there wasn’t any.

“Shit!” Max said to herself. Adam was out there and he has seen her naked. She opened the shower door the same Adam opened the toilet door. 

“Adam, can you get the towel behind you?” Max asked Adam. 

“Adam, Adam, Adam!!!” Max yelled.

Adam shakes his head. “Huh?” he said

“The towel behind you” Max repeated again.

“Oh…right…right…towel” Adam said grabbing the towel from behind him.
He threw the towel at Max.

“Thanks” Max said, she wrapped the towel around her.

“My pleasure” Adam said, he walked pass to his room. Adam closed the door gently. Adam silently banged hid head on the door, he cursed at himself. He knew that he wouldn’t get any sleep tonight. He would fantasize about Max. Adam went to lie on his bed. Adam stared at the bathroom, the light was still on. Adam noticed the door opened and Max walked out wearing a teddy, walking seductively. She went to him, she bent her head and….

Someone was shaking him, he opened his eyes, and Max was bending over him.

“What, what?” Adam asked

“You were moaning out loud” Max said as she sat on bed.

“I was moaning?” Adam asked her.

“Yea, anyways, I been meaning to tell you that on some days in the early morning, I wake up so that I can go to work. So I just want to warn you. I make a lot of noises.” Max explained. She began to rise from the bed.

“Wait” Adam yelled out to her, he was looking at her silk robe. “What do you wear to sleep?” he asked.

“Nothing” Max said calmly. She walked to her room. She smiled at herself.

Adam groaned out loud, all night he thought of what Max has said.


Chapter 8:


Max woke up by the sound of her alarm clock, she checked the time, and it was three in the morning. She went to the bathroom and turned on her coffeemaker. She went to brush her teeth. Max heard noises in the other room. The bathroom door opened to Adam rubbing his eyes.

“Morning” Max said with her mouth full of toothpaste.

“Morning, man, you weren’t lying when you said that you slept in nothing” Adam said.

“How would you know?” Max asked, she spit out the toothpaste.

All Adam did was to scan her body. Max looked down at herself. She was naked as the day she was born.

“Oh” Max said.

“Oh…don’t worry about I get used to it, eventually. I didn’t notice that you had a tattoo on your right shoulder” Adam asked.

“Yea, I got that when I turned eighteen” she said back.

“Your coffee is done’ Adam said.

“Thanks, do you need to use the bathroom?” Max asked Adam.

“Yea, I need to use the shower” he asked.

“Be my guess” Max said as she walked back to her room, closing the bathroom door behind her.

Adam went to check the door of Max’s, it was locked. “Good!” he said to himself. He took off all of his clothes and opened the shower door. He turned on the shower. 

Max waited a few minutes before she went into the bathroom again. She unlocked her bathroom door. She entered the bathroom to her drawer. She took a coffee cup from the shelf and poured herself some coffee. She jumped on the counter and sat there while sipping her coffee and watching Adam shower.

Adam turned off the water when he finished showering. He opened the door to see Max sitting on the counter with her coffee cup in her hands.
She didn’t even care that she was still naked.

“Coffee?” she asked from her seat.

“Sure” Adam said as he waked over to her naked and water droplets falling down his body. He took the cup from her and drank it slowly with his eyes connecting with hers.

“Yummy” he said as she gave back her cup.

“It sure is” Max said as she scanned his body from head to toe, slowly. Max took a sip of her coffee the same spot Adam did.

Adam wanted to kiss her lips so badly. He leaned over to Max, so his lips touched hers. He slipped his tongue between her lips. She moaned out loud. He removed her cup from her hand and placed it on the counter. Adam took the moan as an invitation to deepen the kiss. He pulled her closer to him. He spread her legs and stepped into them. He grabbed her legs and wrapped them around his waist.

Max knew that this would happen that she stopped the kiss, and pushed him away.

“Wait, we can not do this” Max said.

“Yes, we can. You want me, and I definitely want you” he said as he tried to hold her again.

“Adam, you better let go of me, or your dick will be inside instead of out” Max threatened.

“No, no, no…not again” Adam said backing away.

“Thanks” Max said jumping from the counter to the floor.

“Max, what do you have against me?” Adam asked.

“Ah…I don’t want to talk about it” she said as she went to her room. She left him in the bathroom alone and fully erected.

“Don’t you know how you effect me?” Adam said to the bathroom.


Chapter 9:



Later that day, Adam wanted to talk to Angel privately.

“Waz up, buddy?” Angel asked.

“What do she have against men?” Adam asked Angel.

“You want to know why Max won’t let you go near her.” Angel asked.

“Yes” Adam said quickly, letting the real answer slip.

“Adam…man, you are in deep. You really like her don’t you, maybe even love her?” Angel said.

“No, No…I’m just curious” Adam said lying.

“Sure, Max closed her heart because…Adam, you remember the time when I told you why Max left the FBI?” Angel asked.

“Yea, you told me that she was force to watch her partner gets killed” Adam said.

“Yea, well…her partner was her fiancée” Angel explained

“You’re serious, how long was that ago?” he asked Angel.

“About three years” Angel said.

“Three years, three years without sex?” Adam said out loud.

“Dude…I don’t want to know, she is my cuz!” Angel said trying to block his ears.

“Sorry” Adam lied. He didn’t feel guilty at all.

“Sure…if you hurt her, I would hunt you down and kick your ass with Skot helping me and Sophia and April. You know I think Max will do the same thing but I will let her go first. She probably kicked you in the nuts again, ouch” Angel said.

“Please don’t, I have enough of that from Max. Somehow she can find the same spot to kick me as before” Adam said grabbing his nuts for protection.

“That would be least of your worries, because you won’t feel anything after we are done with you” Angel said, slapping Adam on his back as a warning. 

“I’ll try not to let that happed” Adam said

“Depends on you’ Angel said ‘depends on you”

Max returned back late that night, after everyone went to sleep. Max went to her room, she was so tired. She brushed her teeth, got out of her clothes and went to bed. When her head touched the pillow she was dead asleep. Max didn’t realize that she was in the wrong bed.

Adam woke up with the side of the bed sinking because there was someone in his bed. He turned to see who it was, it was Max. She must accidentally go to the wrong bed. Adam wondered if she did it often. He watched her sleep peacefully, he gently pulled her to him, and he wrapped an arm around her waist. He closed his eyes and fell in a deep sleep. 

Max woke up, with her body feeling overly hot. Mac kicked out the blanket but instead she kicked something hard and it landed on the floor with a big thump and it was groaning out loud. Max went to the edge of the bed to see what she kicked to the floor; it was Adam on the floor groaning out loud in pain. 

“Adam, what are you doing in my room, my bed?” Max asked

“For one thing, it’s my room that you are in, and you’re in my bed, thank you very much” Adam said getting up from the cold floor.

“What?” Max said looking around the room, he was right she was in his room, in his bed.

“How did I get here?” she asked

“Beats me, I’m not complaining. You must have went into the wrong room last night” Adam guessed

“I think you’re right, I was so tired after I came from work” she said.

“That’s okay with me, at least I got to hold you before you can kick me again” Adam said grinning.

Max blushed, she threw a pillow at him.

“Did you just throw my pillow at me?” Adam said.

Max answered by throwing at him another pillow.

“You want war, you got war” Adam said as he grabbed the pillow she threw at him back at her.

“Hey, you can’t hit a girl?” Max complained.

“Babe, who ever called you a girl, must have been blind because you are no girl, with a body like yours” Adam said grinning.

Adam went back to his bed. He jumped to Max, trapping her against his body.

“Hey, that’s no fair” Max yelled.

“Max, you should get what you deserve” Adam said

“And what is that?” Max asked

“A kiss” Adam said.

“A Kiss?” Max said, then Adam captured her lips with his. Adam kissed her passionately. Adam removed his lips from hers. He noticed how her breathing became deeper. He left her in heat of the moment; he got off of Max and the bed. He went to the bathroom and closed the door.

Max breathed deeply, he left her heated with lust. She knew what it felt to be alone with lust. She never did this with Josh. Adam was right, she did want him. Max got out of the bed and went back to her own room.


Chapter 10:



All day, she couldn’t get him out of head, so she worked out. After an hour of small weight, she changed into her swimming suit and went to the indoor pool. She tempered the water. After a few lapses before she noticed the she wasn’t alone. Max popped her head from the waters and scanned the waters. No one was there, Max felt arms around her waist, she started to get freaked out, and she kicked and punched in the water. 
“Max, relax, it’s me” Adam said trying to calm her down.
Max stopped fighting. “Oh” Max said
Adam turned Max to him.
“Adam, you scared me. You freaked me out!” Max yelled at him and slapped him on the shoulder.
“I’m sorry” Adam said not meaning it.
“I need to change” she said started to pull herself out from the pool.
“Max, wait!” Adam said following her out of the pool.
Max waited for Adam to get out of the water, she watched as the water dripped down his body. He heart beat faster; she felt lust overcame her body. She need Adam, she need him now. Max began to undress out of her suit. 
“Max…what are you doing, put that back on!” Adam said concern when she slipped the suit down her body. Her suit fell to the ground. She was naked all over. He fisted his hand. She ran to him, without caring what she would do to him, she jumped on him; he landed on the tiled floor with a hard thump.
“Sorry” she said, she didn’t mean it though. Max quickly unties his shorts and pulled it down.
“Max…I need that back…hey, what are you doing?” Adam said to Max, but she ignored him. She wrapped her legs around his hips.
“Max…don’t do da…ah…” Adam said as she took him into her hand. She guided him into her body, she moaned out from pleasure. She raised her hips up and down of Adam’s cock. She increased her pace, she went faster as she got neared the edge. She yelled out her pleasure. She collapsed on Adam chest, her breathing deepening.
Adam couldn’t believe what just happened. He was being used, it felt amazing. Adam felt her walls tightening around him when she reached her climax. She heard her screamed out her pleasure, then he lets go of his, he lets his pleasure take over. 
Max was the first to talk. “I’m so sorry that I used you” she said between his neck and shoulder.
“Its okay, is not like I’m complaining” Adam returned petting her hair.
“It has been three years since I had sex. I had some…frustrations” she said.
“Its okay, I’m happy that I can be your solution” he said back.
“You don’t mind that I used you?” she asked as she raised her face to look at him.
“I don’t mind at all, in fact, I encourage it. Use me any day or any time, but can I use you for my…frustrations?” he asked
“I don’t mind, I believe it’s fair” she said agreeing.
“Really…well right now, I have a…sexual frustration” he said gliding his hand all over her body.
“Really…I can’t feel it…never mind, I feel it” she said as she felt him hardening inside of her.
“Are you on the pill?” Adam asked
“Yeah…I have irregular periods” she explained.
“Good, I want to have you in the pool” he said as he lifted then up from the floor to the pool. The movement made her moan.
“Good?” he whispered to her ear.
Max only nodded, she holds on to his shoulder.
Adam walked to the edge of the pool, he gently enter the water. He walked in deeper until both there body were covered underwater. He held his hands at the edge of the pool; he started trusting inside of her. Each stroke became longer and deeper. On of his hand went to her breast, pinching her nipples until they became hard. He moved to the other breast, doing the same torture.
Adam felt that this climax was coming nearer. He couldn’t hold much longer. He moved his hand to the little nub between her legs. He stroked it until Max was arching her body against him, pulling him deeper to her body. Her climax broke his control, he yelled out her name. He held her tighter to him as his climax rushed over him.
“Wow’ Max smiled at Adam when she spoke.
Adam groaned out loud as Max began to ride him in the pool. They didn’t get out of the pool until there were exhausted and hungry.

Chapter 11:  


The next day…

“Max, wake up!” Sophia demanded the next day.

“Go away” Max said to her pillow.

“Get up; it’s three in the afternoon!” Sophia said shaking Max.

“Would you mind, I’m sore” Max said as she lifted her head to her sister.

“Sore…oh…you got yourself laid didn’t you?” Sophia asked.

“So…go away!” Max yelled out.

“Ladies, Ladies, no fighting. Sophia, Skot is looking for you” Adam said from the doorway.

“Okay…Max, good job. Give me the details later” Sophia said to her sister, and then went out the door.

Max groaned out loud. She collapsed back on her bed.

“Good job what?” Adam asked as he went to Max bed.

“Good job that I got laid” she said to Adam. 

“I think you did an excellent job of getting laid” Adam said. He sat on her bed; he lay down next to her. Adam pulled Max toward him. Adam felt bare skin under his hand, he loved when she slept naked excites him. His hand skimmed all over her body, making her squirmed against him. He moved his hand until the heel of his hand was against her heat, kneading her. He pulled a moan from her.

“You are unsated” she said

“You know you love it” Adam said to her ear. He slid a finger inside of her. He delved deep, in an intimate stroke he wringed another moan from her.

“You’re mean” Max moaned again.

“I know” he said as he did it again and again. He pushed in another finger into her. He caressing her, then his strokes of his fingers quickened…faster…and faster as she stroke deeper…and deeper into her, over…and over. An explosion inside her exploded. A small scream past her lips, his fingers still lingered inside of her, her orgasm going on and on. He pulled his fingers from inside of her, wiped the moisture on his pants. He pulled her closer to him. His erection settled between her legs from behind.

“Thank you” Max said yawning.

“No…thank you” he said kissing her head and falling asleep with her in his arms.

It was hours later when they woke up by yelling in Max’s room.

“Get you hands off my daughter!” Max’s father yelled as he stepped into Max’s room.

Max woke up first. “What…dad, what are you doing here?” Max yelled out.

“What is he doing here?” her father yelled back, pointing at Adam sleeping form.

“What?” Adam said rubbing his eyes. He saw a man pointing at him. ‘Not good!’ He thought.

“Get off my daughter!” the man yelled at him. ‘Uh oh’ he thought. He did as he ordered.

“Dad, get out!” Max yelled out to her father.

“Until he does” her father said looking at Adam.

“Dad, this is Adam, he’s…he’s…” Max said.

“I’m her boyfriend…sir” Adam said.

“Boyfriend…for how long?” her father questioned.

“About…three months” he spited out.

“Adam, you don’t…” Max began but her father stopped her by his hand.

“Three months, good, good. When are you going to ask her to marry you?” her father asked.

“Dad!” Max said shocked.

“What…I’m not getting any younger, so young man, when are you going to pop the question?” he said 

“Ah…” Adam said.

“Well…let me know…Max, get some clothes on, young man. Don’t let me catch you in my daughter bed again or I have to kick your ass. Is that clear?” her father demanded.

“Yes, sir” Adam answered back.

Her father left her room. Adam exhaled.

“Adam, I’m so sorry. He is very traditional’ she explained.

“Don’t worry about it” he said.

“Adam, when you said that you were my boyfriend to my father. Did you mean it?” Max asked

Adam looked at Max. “Yes” he said and smiled at her.

“Come on. Lets get you change” Adam said picking her up from her bed. He carried her to the bathroom.

“To the bathroom?” Max asked.

“Sure…we do need a long…hot…shower” he said.

“I couldn’t agree more” Max said giving Adam a passionate kiss.


Chapter 12: 


“Uncle Mitch, what brings you here?” Angel asked to his uncle.

“I’m visiting my daughters” he said

“Oh…” Angel said understanding.

“Angel, who is that man, Adam?” he asked.

“Adam…he’s a friend of mine from high school and from work” Angel explained.

“I see…what is he to Max?” he asked.

“To Max…I think he’s in love with her” Angel said.

“Love, you say. Do you think he will ask her to marry him?” he asked

“Probably” Angel said.

“Excellent” he said smiling to himself.

“Uncle Mitch, you’re weird” Angel said.

“I know, but since we are blood, you are too” he returned.

“I know. Tragic isn’t it?” Angel said laughing.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Skot said as he came home from his club.

“Waz up” Angel said back.

“Where is Max?” Skot asked.

“Right here” Max said with Adam next to her, holding her hand.

“What’s on your neck?” Skot said. He moved in closer. “It’s a hicky!”

“A hicky?” Max asked. She went to the mirror; there was a hicky on her neck.

“Adam, what did you do?” Max demanded.

“What…so, I gave you a hicky, you do have a delectable neck” Adam said leaning over to give her hicky a kiss.

“You sound like a vampire” Max said, with lust in her eyes.

“Oh…get a room!” Skot said to them.

“Okay…lets go’ Adam said grabbing her hand, pretending to pull her.

“Young man, Let go of her” her father said.

“Yes, sir” he quickly lets go.

“Dad!” Max yelled to him.

“What?” her father said innocently, everyone laughed.

“I love you” Adam said to her ear as he held Max in his arms when they were sleeping together.

“What did you say?” Max asked turning to Adam.

“I love you” Adam repeated.

“Oh” Max said.

“That’s all you can say is ‘oh’?” Adam asked.

“I…I…Adam” she tried to say.

“Don’t worry about it, I understand. Since we are in it for the sex, right?” Adam said. He moved off the bed, he went to his own room. 

“Wait, Adam!” she yelled out. When he ignored her, she signed out loud. When Adam told her that he loved her, she was just plain shocked. After her engagement to josh, she never loved anyone else but Josh. She tried to go to sleep. She finally went to sleep with tears in her eyes.


Chapter 13: 


The next morning Adam went straight to work, not stopping for breakfast. Adam kept himself occupied in his work. 

Angel noticed that Adam was not himself today. He walked to Adam’s desk. He knocked on the surface of his desk.

“What’s wrong pervert?” Angel asked.

“Nothing, would you just leave me alone!” Adam said.

“Wha… now, you got something on your mind. What is it?” Angel said.

“Have you ever told a woman that you loved her but she didn’t tell it to you back?” Adam asked.

“Yea, all the time” Angel said.

“Be serious here!” Adam yelled.

“You told Max you loved her, right?” Angel said.

“Yeah” Adam said.

“You have to give her time, she just got over Josh. Now you want her to love someone else?” Angel said.

“You’re right, I was being too harsh on her.” Adam said.

“Adam, come here!” Tony yelled to Adam.

“Coming!” Adam replied. He rose from his seat. 

“Adam, don’t give up on her!” Angel said.

“I wont!” Adam said walking to Tony’s office.

For the rest of the week, Max didn’t see Adam. Max asked Angel where Adam was. Angel told her that he was on a mission in Japan. When the mission was over, Adam didn’t come back. She began to get worried. Max asked Angel again but he told her that it was a secret matter. Max grabbed Angel by his shirt and rammed him against the wall.

“I’ll ask you again, where is Adam?” Max demanded.

“Ummmm…..” Angel commented, when Max began to raise her fist at his face. “Don’t hurt me!” Angel pleaded.

“Tell me where he is location” Max said.

“Okay, okay…would you please put me down…my neck hurts” Angel asked.

Max lets go of his shirt, making Angel drop to the floor. Angel rose up again, rubbing his ass. 

“You don’t have to be so mean, Adam is still in Japan. He was pronounced missing” Angel explained. 

“Damn, I need to find him.” Max said as she ran up to her room and changed in her black outfit. Angel was at her door room when she finished dressing.

“Where are you going?” Angel asked.

“Headquarters!” Max said, she grabbed her keys and went out the door, passing Angel on the way.

“Where is she going?” April asked from the kitchen.

“Going to find Adam” Angel said following Max to the door.

“Where are you going?” April asked Angel.

“Going to work, every time Max needs a favor it’s always all agents to headquarters” Angel said grabbing his jacket on his way out of the door.

Max entered headquarters, with everyone staring at her. She walked quickly Tony’s office. She opened the door, went inside and closed the door again hard.

Angel walked into headquarters with everyone going crazy, he sighed out loud. He knew this was the work of Max. He walked to his desk; Max was there on his computer.

“Must be your work, right?” Angel said to Max from behind.

“Yep, Angel I need all the transcripts Adam faxed to headquarters within the last two weeks” Max ordered not turning to Angel.

“Coming right up!” Angel said as he went to the international communication room. 

Max continued searching on the computer for the location of Adam. She took all of the data from the GPS communicator that she had gave him for his birthday. She needed to know if he was still alive. 

“Here you go” Angel said placing the papers on his desk next to her.

“Thanks” Max said. She took her eyes from the computer to the papers. She scans through the papers for information indicating anything on the mission. Her eyes caught on something. 

‘Okara, that the last location where Adam was’ She thought.

Max got rose from her seat, she grabbed her keys again. 

“Where are you going now?” Angel asked.

“Going to get Adam” Max said walking out the hallway.

“’bout time” Angel said following Max.


Chapter 14:  


Adam feet began to hurt after three days of walking from his kidnappers. He got away when they weren’t looking, he quickly opened his handcuffs and quietly cracked there necks. Now tired and hungry, he stopped to sit on a rock by the only main street. He heard someone yelling out his name. He turned to see a jeep stop and someone getting out. He was about to bolt, until he saw Max getting off from the jeep. She ran to him as fast as she can. Max reached to him, she jumped into his arms. She covered his face with sweet kisses, not caring if she was hurting or not.

“I founded you at last” she said when she stopped kissing his face.

“I see that, how did you find me?” Adam asked hugging her closer to him.

“I put a GPS in your watch” Max said, grinning at him.

“Nice!” Adam said.

“I love you” Max said in his arms.

“Say that again” Adam asked.

“I love you, I love you, and I…love…you!” Max yelled out. She was stopped hen his kissed her on the lips.

“I love you too” Adam returned, giving her another passionate kiss.

“About time!” Angel yelled from the jeep opened door.

“I need to tell you something” Max said.

“What?” Adam asked.

“I’m pregnant” she said in his arms.

“Really, when did that happened, I thought we used protection” Adam said.

Max went close to his ear and whispered.

“Ohhh, I remembered now” Adam said grinning boldly. He took her mouth with his, giving her the best kiss she ever had. 

Angel looked at the wonderful couple in front of him. He knew he made a good match. He wondered who is next…..

The End

Thank you for reading this short story.