Raven - The Story Begans


Chapter 1: Raven


The rain crashed down on the tin roof of the closed coach station. A shadowed girl huddled in the corner clutching her freshly broken ribs.

Run that is all she had thought. She had to get out. She had to get away. 

The moon shone like a beacon of light against the polluted air of Boston. She knew would be sleeping here in the cold wintery weather of the north. But she had grown accustomed to the cold, and to the floor.

Her charcoal black hair; dirtied with her own blood, cascaded over her slouched shoulders. Her ragged cloths, ripped in places barely covered her bruised body; her muscles franticly shivered trying in vain to warm her up. Scars covered whatever body parts exposed to prying eyes. Tears of pain welled up behind her eyes, but she would not let them fall; she was strong, she could take pain, she would not show weakness, at least that's what she told herself. 

The sun slowly crept into the morning sky. Raven awoke from her pained slumber. She was unaware of when sleep had taken her prisoner but her neck ached from leaning against the cold stonewall.

Raven approached the ticket desk of the couch station; wincing with every step she took. 
"Wherever that bus is headed" she managed to force out of her swollen mouth and bruised jaw, motioning towards the parked bus with a queue of excited people getting on, going for their Christmas vacation. The perky blond sales woman gave her a quizzical look before surveying her broken state, giving her a half sympathetic half disgusted face. Raven took out the scrunched up dollars from her tatty unwashed trouser pocket and layed it on the desk. Money she had saved every time she could. Money from her father's wallet, she could only take a few notes at a time, or else he would notice. Layed out on the desk was her lives savings. The sales women gave Raven the ticked no questions asked, saying a "˜thank you' and a "goodbye" as Raven walked towards the bus. 

The bus ride seemed to take forever, especially as she had no idea where it was going. Raven lent her head against the glass of the window clutching her throbbing chest. The pain and the promise of a nightmare kept sleep away: for a while.

****A dark man with a large beer gut loomed over Raven who, laying on her so called bed; a few rank pillows covered in a old dirty sheet, stained with blood and numerous other things, was wrapping her arms around her body still sore and battered from her his last outburst. He lowered himself down, his stale breath stealing the oxygen in front of her and making its way inside her lungs. The smell made her gag, the smell of 30 years of smoking and heavily drinking rushed through her. 

His eyes, blood shot with pupils dilated roamed over her body, pathetically covered in some sort of paper-thin shirt. Stubble covered his lower face showing an unkempt, uncaring, look; His lips curled into a snake like grin looking at his prey.

She knew what was coming next and promptly scrunched her eye lids shut, against her better knowledge she pleaded with him. "No not now stop no, no." She whispered, she knew he didn't like her showing she wasn't willing, as did his right fist firing at her jaw. Her head flew backwards hitting the pillows, hey eyes rolled into the back of her head, recovering quickly, she craned her neck trying to get out of this vulnerable position. Again a poisonous grin graced his features. He clasped her wrists with one strong hand pinning them down. Lowering his face now only inches away from hers his other hand impatiently fumbling with her shirt before ripping down half the buttons.

Raven clenched her aching jaw tight and desperately closed her eyes, his hand now moving further down her body, down her stomach, over her belly button, to the waistband of her trousers. His drunken fingers, pulling at the belt loops. 

For the fist time she decided. No meant No. She drove her knee into his crotch with all the power she could muster, his eyes grew wide, releasing her from his grip his hands flew to the pain in his trousers. Scrambling away from him Raven scanned the room desperately looking for some sort of protection. Her eyes fell on his toys, the ones he used to mutate her skin, to see hear her scream, to see her bleed. Various knifes, ropes, matches. Whilst she had been focused on his punishment kit he had gotten up she found herself being thrown with the power of an ex-boxer into the concrete wall smashing empty beer bottles where she fell. He padded over to her crumpled body looking proud of him self, he crouched next to her, lifting her head by her blood soaked hair. He laughed a mad mans laugh before forcing his lips onto hers, pushing his putrid tongue into her mouth. 

This was the last time. 

Blood was rushing from his neck as he fell backwards laying on his back gasping for air, the air came and the blood left. Leaving a broken child in the corner holding smashed glass.***