Only their love lasts forever

Only their love lasts forever


Chapter 1 :

It was the middle of spring semester of Fudomine high school. It was rarely that they had a new student entering. Hiro Yashime was the class president of that year and was chosen to show the new student around the school. Hiro thought it was a great idea, until he met Musuki Tawagawa.

“Musuki, this is Hiro Yashime. The class president of this year” Mr. Robado, the school principle said to Musuki.

“Nice to met you” Hiro said in his deep voice that had got Musuki attention.

Musuki nodded at Hiro. Musuki wondered if the guy in front of him was real because he was so beautiful. 

The principle excused him by saying that he had another meeting to go to. Musuki and Hiro were left alone in the room. 

“So…Welcome to Fudomine. Is there any questions you would like to ask me about this school before we go to a tour?” Hiro asked.

Musuki stared at Hiro soft lips just wondering if they were softer if he kissed them. Since they were alone and Musuki was curious. “Are your lips that soft?” Musuki asked.

Hiro jaw dropped of shock. Then he smiled that he was being complimented. “I don’t know… you tell me” Hiro asked seductively.

Musuki took Hiro on his offer by going close to Hiro and gave Hiro a small loud kiss on his lips and Musuki moved back to his original position.

Hiro couldn’t believe Musuki actually kissed him. Hiro blushed when he realized that he liked when Musuki kissed him.

“Ah…I’ll show you to the homeroom and the…the…” Hiro said.

“Lunchroom?” Musuki said.

“Yes! Yes…lunchroom” Hiro said not looking at Musuki. Hiro quickly walked from the room.

As the months flew by, Hiro and Musuki became close friends. Even though Musuki wanted to be more than friends to Hiro. Ever since the kiss they had when they first met, Musuki had wanted Hiro even more. He was plain horny for Hiro. Musuki couldn’t ignore the sexual attraction he has for Hiro, so he promised himself that on the next class trip he would confess this frustration to Hiro.

On the next class trip, Musuki trapped Hiro in an empty room in one of the hotel offices. Musuki confronted that he was horny as hell for Hiro, Musuki waited for a response fro from Hiro. Hiro was shocked at first, and then relaxed when it was Musuki who was the first to confess of his sexual frustration. Musuki couldn’t leave the room without having Hiro for himself. Musuki went to stand chest to chest with Hiro. Musuki gently raised his hand to Hiro cheek; Musuki guided Hiro face to his. Musuki took Hiro mouth passionately that took Hiro breaths away. Hiro raised his arms and wrapped them around musk’s shoulder, pressing himself closer to Musuki. Musuki opened Hiro lips with his silky tongue. Musuki hands moved down to Hiro buttoned shirt and began unbuttoning. Hiro moaned into Musuki mouth as Musuki finger tips touched his bare skin. Musuki pushed Hiro against the office table; Musuki made Hiro lay on the table. Hiro shirt flaps were opened, leaving his chest visible. Musuki stood back to capture the vision of Hiro beautiful body.

“Beautiful” Musuki mutter to himself.

Hiro breath deepened as he saw Musuki eyes darkened with lust. Musuki kissed all over Hiro chest, while Hiro moaned with pleasure. Musuki quickly took off Hiro pants then gently stroked Hiro cock. Hiro moaned out loud. Musuki whispered into Hiro ears to make no noise or their hiding place was going to be revealed. Instead scaring Hiro it excited him. Musuki stopped kissing Hiro to undress himself with urgency. It was Hiro turn to make Musuki moan as he stroked Musuki cock. Musuki stopped Hiro from continuing or he would explode. Musuki spreads Hiro legs wide and moved in between Hiro legs. Hiro guided Musuki cock to his entrance. Musuki thrusts deeply until he was all the way in Hiro. Musuki held Hiro legs at his waist and stated thrusting into Hiro. The thrusts became deeper and harder as Musuki came closer to climax. Musuki felt himself on the blink of climax, Musuki pulled Hiro to him and pumped into one standing up. Musuki moved to a wall to help him carry the weight of Musuki. Hiro eyes began to see stars as he reached climax. Musuki quickened his thrusting until he felt Hiro flesh surrounded him and sucked him in the most wonderful dream that left him yelling out Hiro name. They both collapsed to the office floor breathing deeply and sated. 

Musuki was the first to get off of Hiro. Hiro lay on the floor unmoved and quiet, which made Musuki concerned.

“Hiro…are you okay?” Musuki asked.

“Humm…yea, I’m fine, perfectly fine” Hiro said.

“Are you sure, was I too rough?” Musuki asked.

“No, no, you were… perfect” Hiro said.

“Then why are you so quiet” Musuki asked.

“I need more time to get over my orgasm” Hiro said honestly.

“Oh” Musuki said blushing. Musuki pulled Hiro to him and hugged him close.



Chaper 2 : 

Hiro closed his eyes within the warmth of Musuki. Hiro loved the way Musuki felt against him and the growing erection next to his thigh. Hiro looked up to see Musuki starting at him.

“I seem that once I have you I would want more” Musuki said grinning.

“I can feel that, you are correct” Hiro laughed.

“You dare to laugh at me?” Musuki said humorously. 

“Yup!” Hiro said laughing louder. Hiro laughing turned to a moaned as Musuki stroked his cock in a long, gently stroke that felt marvelous. 

“I want to see you come. Come for me, Hiro” Musuki said seductively into Hiro ears. Musuki quicken his stroking, using his other hand to gently squeeze Hiro testicles. 

Hiro breathing became sharp gasps. Hiro relaxed his head on Musuki neck and closes his eyes.

“I’m coming…I’m coming!” Hiro said.

“Yes…come for me…come for me, now…now!” Musuki said as he stroked faster. Musuki can hear Hiro reach climax, Musuki stroked even faster and squeezed harder. Musuki felt Hiro stiffening against him as Hiro came. Hiro body relaxed when only little pleasure sparks traveled over him.

“How do you feel?” Musuki asked Hiro.

“I feel wonderful” Hiro said back.

“Great, I want you to feel even better” Musuki said as he lifted Hiro and impaled Hiro with his cock.

“You killing me” Hiro said to Musuki over his shoulder.

“I know” Musuki said as he helped lifted Hiro up and down on him. Musuki moaned out loud with pleasure. Musuki spreads Hiro legs wider so Musuki can go in deeper. 

“Im going to come…right now!” Musuki said.

Hiro squeezed his butt cheeks tighter and pressed down harder on Musuki. Hiro was the first to let go, then Musuki followed.

Couple of hours later they finally leaved the room. Some months later it was close to summer break. It was close to their graduation. For months, since the day in the hotel they had been lovers. As the months passed their feeling spreads deeper, into love. Hiro told Musuki that he was accepted to Tokyo University. Musuki was pride of him, but Musuki couldn’t get in to Tokyo University. Days after the announcement of going to Tokyo University, Musuki confessed his love to Hiro. 

“Hiro, I want to tell you that I love you” Musuki said in the bedroom of Hiro.

Hiro was so happy that Musuki told him that he loved him. Hiro ran Musuki, Musuki opened his arms and wrapped them around Hiro. “I love you, Musuki” Hiro said lovingly. 

Musuki lifted Hiro chin to his face and softly touched Hiro lips with his own. 

“You think that’s a kiss?” Hiro said to Musuki.

“No, I think I should start over” Musuki said. As he took Hiro lips in a passionate kiss.

Hiro moved his lips from Musuki. “That’s better, but can you top that?” Hiro said.

“Oh…are you challenging me?” Musuki asked

“What if I am?” Hiro mocked, and then pressed closer to Musuki. 

“Then lets the game begin” Musuki said as he took Hiro to his bed. Musuki raised Hiro hands over his head. Musuki took the handcuffs from his pants. Musuki handcuffed Hiro hands to the bed frame.

“Musuki, did you have handcuffs in your pocket all this time?” Hiro asked

“Maybe” Musuki said to Hiro. Musuki started to undress Hiro first the shirt, but the shirt was no fully off. It was hanging on Hiro hands. Next were Hiro’s pants. It was easy to drag down with the help of Hiro. Hiro was the only person that was naked in his room. 

“Why am I the only person naked here?” Hiro asked Musuki fully clothed form.

“When you said if I can beat that, you didn’t say if I had to be naked too” Musuki said.

“Well, I’m telling you that you need to be naked too!” Hiro demanded.

“Oh…But who is the one that have you as his capture?” Musuki said.

“Me…” Hiro said sadly. 

“That’s what I thought” Musuki said, as he descended to Hiro with a grin on his face.