Ghousts Of The Pasts - Advanture

Ghousts Of The Pasts  - Advanture


Ghost. No one know what they really are. Most believe there spirits that have unfinished business, some think there just a play of the eye, a figure of one’s imagines. I for one know there real. Wither there here to finish something left undone or just because, I cant say. But I know they exist. How? Because I can see them, I talk to them. 

No I‘m not crazy… ok maybe a little bit, but I’m telling the truth I can see them, I don’t know why or how, but I can. Maybe you’ll understand a bit batter if I tell you how it all began, so least just take a little trip down memory lane. 

<I>It was my 13 birthday, imagine it a small homemade cake, 13 colorful candles blazing on top. A small brown haired girl sating all alone in a small white table, in a chair only made for a toddler. -yeah that was not fun. I was about to blow out my birthday candles when I notice him, him being a boy around 19, with straight black hair that fall to cover his right eye, and shining green eyes. He was scrawny but vary tell around 6’4, a giant to my 13 year old self-and still a giant to me now. 

For some reason still unknown to me I felt the need to talk to him, maybe it was the sadness lingering in his eye’s, or maybe the loneliness. What ever the reason I left my delish but vary small cake, candles still blazing, and wax making it‘s was to the vanilla icing .

“Hay,” I call to him, he looked up shocked for reasons I didn’t quite understand yet. “What are you doing here?” he contused to stare at me leavening my question unanswered. Deciding that was fine with me at the moment I turned back to look at my pitifully small birthday cake. Turning back I spook to him again. “Well it’s not mush, but I’m sure there’s enough for two people.”

Yeah it was only me and him at my birthday party, my mom had to go to work. So she had left me a grate cake and left it on the kitchen contour along with a note saying when she got home we’d spend some mother and daughter time together, she even made me my favorite dinner; roster beef. I loved her she was a great mom, my dad? Well lets not go there. All in all I was used to spending my birthdays alone, but maybe this time I wouldn’t have to. 

I know he was a stranger, and that I shouldn’t be talking to him. But at the moment I was so dispirit for some company I didn’t care, besides he didn’t seem bad, though he didn’t talk. Boy was I wrong about that last part. 

“Y-you can see me?” he scattered, his pale green eyes locking with mine. 

“Of chouse I can see you.” I replayed “So do you wont some cake or not?”

“I’m not hungry,” he paused upon seeing my saddened face he added “…but I can keep you company if you like.”</I>


 Ghousts Of The Pasts-The shocking truth 

His name was Cal. We would stay up for nights on end talking about nothing and everything all at once. We’d -or rather I, Cal always said he wasn’t hunger- pigged out on sugar until I was bunging off the walls. Sometimes Cal and me would sat down and play games.

We loved to play Silent Hill 3 . I screamed and jumped a lot during that game and Cal would laugh. It’s not my fault wired looking monsters liked to snack up on me! But eventually we beat it and had are self’s a little party to celebrate, which only consented of us dancing around the living room yelling ’Ha’ and cussing Claudia and all the creepy monsters that had stood in are was.

But as I go older I began to notice things I hadn’t before. Like Cal’s age never seemed to change, as I got older he stayed the same. And he wore the same thing every day, a red stand white t-shirt with a hold right over his heart, a brown -fake- fur jacket, and demy colored jeans that also had was I though were ketchup stains at the time. Wrong once again. I also noted the way people would look at me when ever I talk to him in public, as if I were crazy, mentally unstable, someone that the nice men in white would be coming for. I was only two of those things, I was defiantly not nut-house crazy.

Soon fed up with the annoying looks I confronter Cal about it. The answer I got wasn’t the answer I was expecting. And cue other flashback 

<I>“Cal?” I questioned one day after two years I needed-no I deserved and answer. 

“Hmmm?” he hummed in response to rapt up in building a tower out of cards on the liveing room floor.

Not completely sure how to begin with my question I just decide to come right out and say it. “Why don’t you ever age?” 

He paused a card falling from his grip, hitting the unfinished tower with enough force to brake it. Card flew at my feet, I sighed bending down and gathering the few that had landed in front of me. “W-why do you ask?” he inquired ignoring the cards all around him. 

I paused and looked back up at him, Deciding to push back the annoys I felt about him asking a questioned while mine remained unanswered, hay didn’t I ask first?! I clarified “Well it’s true you never seem to age. Two years have pasted and your still wearing the same <b>close</b> for crying out loud! Not to matching the strange looks I get form people when I talk to you. My mom would probably be looking at me the same way If she were ever home-” I stopped realizing my ranting was about to take a turn off topic. “Just answer the question.” I demeaned crossing my arms and sating down. 

“All right you might wont to sat down for this,” Cal said 

I gave him a deadpan look “I am and your staling,” by now my already short temper was ready to explode. Was it really such a hard question?!! 

He remained silent. 

“Caaal,” I said in a warnings tone. 

He froze, looked down at his feet muttering something incoherently. 

“What?!” I growled. 

Again his mouth moved but no words that I could actually understand reached my ears. 

“Cal!!” I snapped. 

“I.M DEAD!!!” he screamed. 

And I froze. The only word that came out of my mouth wasn’t even a whole word! “W-wha” vary intelligent , I know. I couldn’t believe it was he telling the truth or was he just playing? But judging by the distained and sad look in his eyes I gather that he was not lying. So that was it the reason for all the strange look, all the wired things about Cal. It was because he was a…


That’s the day I learned the truth about Cal. Goddess knows that was not an answer I was expecting. But It was to answerer I got and it was the truth.

First came the confusion along with all the annoying questions I have yet to have answer. Why could only <b> I <b>see them? What was I supposed to do? What did it all mean? was there some grand design that I got involved with out knowing? I don’t know….I just don’t know!! 

After all the confusing and annoying-no-answer-question came the anger. Like I said before and I’ll say it again now, I have a shout temper. So I was pissed. Why couldn’t he tell me this before hand?!! Maybe then I wouldn’t have looked like an idiot talking to thin air?!! 

But along with the short temper came the quick forgiveness. Only about two and a half days passed, of me completely ignoring Cal, before I got lonely yelled at him once more and forgive him. It not like the whole dead thing didn’t freak me out, but I realized he was Cal the same one I had know for tow years He was there for me dead or alive.

Now form what I said up tell now it would seem this whole story revolves around me, Cal, and my ability to see him. But there’s another player in this drama. Leon Motagu the snobby rich boy I just had the misfortune to meet. I’m not going to give you all the details but I can tell you the day I meat Leon was the day my life you take an unexcited turn. 


She’s the female lead in the story. Weird and vary outgoing she always tries to make the best of anything. She has a sharp tong and a shout temper, which gets her into more trouble then she cares to admit. She vary strong and determined, never letting anyone see her tears. She’s also quite mysteries at times, but that might be due to the fact she talks to ghosted and doesn’t wont anyone to know about it. Because her mom works tree jobs, Anima had to learn to take care of herself, cooking, cleaning, everything that parents are supposed to do. She learn how to live with out any parents. But despite all this she remain a carefree and careful girl, but at a price she belt a wall around her heart for more then just that reason. She believes she has to be strong and never show any weaknesses. 

Name: Leon Motagu
Hair: Sage brown, tow straps hang over his left eye, 
Eyes: Light brown almost gold 
Picture:  If you don’t like him just imagine your own hot rich dude. 

Leon is the male lead in the story(and yes I got his name from Resident Evil 4 I like the name, and I love the game) He grow up papered and spoiled, as a result he doesn’t know much about the streets or what it’s like to work just to pay bells. He’s vary smart and sortta cocky. He only seems to care for a few certain people and even when he dose he doesn’t do such a great job in showing it. He often has a hard time showing his feelings and sometimes hurts people with out really knowing it. He’s vary serious and doesn’t really know what it’s like to be a kid. He also like everyone else has secreted and his own ghosts of the past. 

And last but not least…

He would be Anima’s most seen ghost. Cal is vary immature and goofy, he always knows how to cheer Anima up. He thinks of her as a little sister. He can sometimes acted lazy, but hay he’s dead he’s allowed to do that, or so he says. He somewhat mysteries not even Anima knows about his past. There’s not mush else to say about him.