Fixing my broken heart

Fixing my broken heart

Chapter 1: start of something new


Im Miaka Liu ordinary college student of Adamson University.My boyfriend is the hottest football player in my school and i felt a little bit awkward about that.Once i asked him if he loves me and he laugh at me and said it was a stupid question and walked out.I used to feel sad about it but sometimes i think that i was also my fault because i let him treat me like that yet i cant dump him because i love him so much.Do I?Next month is my 18'th birthday and I already told him that he would be my escort because he is my boyfriend. But he ignored me.And i felt that there is a sharp thing that almost broke my heart and it makes me cry.So one day i went to my secret place to cry when i heard a voice that so beautiful yet sound lonely and when i looked back i saw him singing while staring at me so i asked him if i know him and he said no but i puzzled when he said he know my heart.And with a few seconds i feel comfortable talking with him and almost feel that i know him for the longest time.By the way his name is Cai Lee.18 years old and he said that he is also a student in my school and he asked me why am i crying?and i told him that the reason is my boyfriend who treat me like a garbage then he said that i should not waste tears in a fool like him and he also said that a precious girl like me should treat like a queen.Then i secretly smile because atleast someone try to appreciate me.So after a hours of talking with each other we finally said goodbye and i felt that he is up to something when i went to my house i feel strange but happy when I meet Cai.



Chapter 2: i guESS i Know him someHow


When i met Cai i feel that i can now face the world because i know someone would be there to support me in every decision i will make and makes me happy every time i feel that I am alone with no one to hold once is my bestfriend.But wait have i told you that Cai is so cool, handsome and down to earth? well for me if i can choose a personality that fits to be my boyfriend it is Cai's.One time we met in my building's roof top and he told me that he have a secret crush on a girl who use to be in our school too. I don’t know why but I am secretly hurt to know that he likes someone yet i smile to him and said she is lucky and i walked away. At that time i went to our piano room and shocked when i saw my boyfriend kissing another woman and heard Cai's voice on my back saying we must leave before i hurt myself so much i didn’t know that he followed me.Cai bring me to a place that so beautiful its seems like familiar and i feel that i know the place yet i don’t remember it. Suddenly Cai said that he would wait for me and he will never surrender until my memory backed and tears fall down to his cheek and whispered to me that if only he could catch all of my tears and worries for me to be happy and never be sad again he said he will. And then he disappeared. After he disappeared I never felt scared or afraid but i feel that there was something about Him that makes Me Feels worried.


Chapter 3: knight in shining armor



Its been a week since i saw Cai but still im hoping to meet him again.Tomorrow is my bday and today i finally to have the nerve to broke up with my boyfriend.And he even said to me that i was a jerk because many girls wants him so said that he dont need me.But deep inside i feel numb because everybody will laugh at me in my bday party because i dont have escort and my bday will be the center of attraction for the whole semester and its so embarrassing.So i think of escaping my bday but i know my ex boyfriend(Sander) will tell to everybody how dumb i am.In my bday party my mom said im really beautiful am i?when the party started my ex looked amaze when he saw me after few minutes my gueST asked wheRe is My esCOrt and my heart really tremble that time for my near i close my eyes and i almost cry when suddenly someone hold my hand and asked me to dance and when i open my eyes i saw Cai wear a beautiful tuxedo and lookes really handsome.So when we dance he say sorry to me for leaving me so i asked why does he disappered he said he will explain it later and before the party finished Sander asked me who is the guy but Cai answered for me he said he is my boyfriend and i m really shocked to what he said but deep inside my heart im happy so after what Cai said Sander walked away and Cai said sorry to what he said and i secretly hurt but i smile to him and said its okay.When Cai and I dance the last song i secretly wished that he can be my boyfriend.So after my bday i just realize that im fallin inlove with Cai.


Chapter 4: Another world


Its been a month when i celebrate my bday but i havent saw Cai since then and it makes me feel sad.Until one day i was going to my history class when suddenly i feel that someone is following me and it gives me a creep but i wondered why does she's following me so i went to the school park with no other person there and i sit under the tree and told her to come out and when i saw her i secretly laugh in the her clothes because she is funny wearing a dress looks like ball gown?so there i was asking why does shes following me and she said its because of 'prince Cai'?im a little puzzled but then i listen to her when she said 'prince Cai' is sick, really sick and he always calling my name i become then worried and asked where he is, the girl named Yggrane told me the i will not believe her if she told me that the Cai i use to know is the future king of a kingdom called Ayisarin is a kingdom where prince Cai live and as of now his health is not good because of unknown reason.So Yggrane and i went to a abandon building were the gate to the other world placed.And when we open the door i saw a huge mirror and Yggrane hold my hand as we enter in the mirror and in a blink of an eye where now in a beautiful kingdom that almost look like a paridise to me and were riding in a flying car?!its a bit wierd but for me but for them its just normal 



Chapter 5: fixing a broken heart


there wance a girl who named christinla who have a crush with klein,,but klein coudn't caught from attention from christinela because he has a crush name nicole,,in the campus all of the girls admire klein they name maria,mariah,mae and etc.christinla didn't mind those who have admired with klein so when they graduate christinla hug klein and say "you know how much i love you but i didn't mind it,,i will forget that i love you once,,,i will consider this as a friend"and klein smiled christinla and say"me to i will never forget you i promise"