Kerala temple: SC reserves order till Sept 21

16/09/2011 16:20


New Delhi: The Supreme Court has reserved its order on opening of Vault B of the Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram till September 21. The court assured the expert committee that tradition would be respected but impractical and superstition will not be taken into account.

The expert committee told the Supreme Court on Friday that Vault B of the temple should not be opened till security measures were not in place. It asked the apex court to provide more security, preferably a CRPF team.

The committee also told the apex court that the current security is high on promise and low on performance.

It added that the Kerala government was opposed to bringing in of a CRPF team for temple security.

The erstwhile Travancore royal family had opposed the opening saying the treasure belonged to the temple deities.

The Travancore royal family's lawyer MKS Menon said,"the royal family is not in favour of opening the B Kallara. They have faith and belief in it."

"The Supreme Court has to take the final decision," he added.