How To Open Docx Files Without Microsoft Word

21/09/2011 18:58

How To Open Docx Files Without Microsoft Word

This tutorial is for all those people who dont have Microsoft office 2007 and they want to open docx files.Microsoft introduced the docx format with the release of its 2007 office suit.All the files created in Microsoft office 2007 are by default in the format of docx,pptx,xlsx which are not compatible with the 2003 office suite of Microsoft.If you dont want to buy Microsoft office 2007 or you dont want to upgrade your office suite from 2003 to 2007 or 2010 version then in this tutorial you will learn that how we can use alternative freeware utilities to resolve this situation.

We are providing you with Four Solutions to solve this problem


1.Use Microsoft Office compatibility pack

Well this option is for only those user who have Microsoft office 2003 installed on their systems.Microsoft office compatibility pack will convert the docx format into a compatible format that can be easily opened with the Microsoft 2003 office suite.It is available for download directly from Microsoft official website.

2.Download Open Office

Open office is the default office suite for Linux users .It is available for downloading for windows,Linux as well as Mac users.It is available for free and as the name suggests it is also open source.It is also compatible with some other formats.

3.Dev Vicky world 2010 office suite

If you want to go for a very light weight application then go for this software.It is a freeware utility that can be used to open docx files.

4.Use Google Docs to open Docx Files

Google Docs is an online suite to view files on the Internet.You can upload your document into it and view it.Another method that you can use is that you send a gmail email to your own email id with the Docx file attached to it.When you will open this email gmail will give you an option to view this mail.