Honda launches Civic Sport - Price: Rs 12.36 lakh

16/09/2011 16:47


Honda Siel, the Indian division has launched the new model for the Civic to keep up with the demand of the ‘Young Indian’. The car is a spin off variant of the Honda Civic and is a limited edition sports car.

The Special edition was launched just as Honda reached the 3 lakh mark in auto car sales in India.

The Honda Civic Sport will come with a 1.8Litre i-Vtec engine and will come with manual transmission. Automatic transmission will not be provided from the company itself. The car was also the highlight of the Auto Expo in Delhi which took place early this year.

“This launch will help broaden our customer base and appeal to the young at heart target audience.” said Mr Masahiro Takedagawa, President & CEO of Honda Siel Cars India Ltd.