Mahashashthi today

02/10/2011 13:40

Happy Durga Puja to all my friends and everyone here.        

            Years comes and years goes again  but festivity doesn't abate a bit. Durga puja is the biggest festival ever and people from all over world celebrating this festival. This festival bringing joy , Happiness among all . All people are wearing new dress , each and nook and corner of the india specially West Bengal , Assam ,Tripura , Pondicherry and few more states are celebrating this festival grantly. This few days of puja days everyone's life becoming colorful , enjoying the extrem. Again everyone meeting eachother forgeting all sarrow and coonecting eachone's heart with brotherhood. This is the festival for which people are spending lakhs and lakhs. 


               According to the myths, Goddess Durga arrives in the mortal world from her heavenly adobe alongwith her children on Mahashashthi. Her arrival on earth is welcomed by the devotees with much fanfare, amidst the beats of dholak. The main ritual carried on this day is the unveiling of the face of the idol of Goddess Durga. The rituals of Bodhon, Amontron and Adhibas are performed before the commencement of the puja Mahashaptami.


Wish you all have a happy Durga Puja and have a colorfull life....