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The woman who was arrested for ‘poking' someone on Facebook

05/10/2011 01:37
by Gracie Murano    In yet another case of blurring between the lines of virtual and reality, a woman broke the law for poking via Facebook! Shannon Jackson of Tennessee broke the law when she poked a contact on her Facebook list, by violating a restraining...

Everybody Gets Wrinkles, Some Day — Some More So Than Others!

05/10/2011 00:56
    Wrinkles In Time By B. Douglas It’s a fact of getting older. You’re going to get wrinkles. Wrinkles in your face. Wrinkles all over the place. Most people don’t like it, some even hate it. But, again, it is simply a fact of life that cannot be avoided. So, on this post...

10 Amazing Tales of Alien Abduction

05/10/2011 00:40
Published on 9/28/2011 under Strange Stories - by Beverly Jenkins    Are alien life forms visiting Earth and performing experiments upon unwitting human victims? This is one of the world's greatest mysteries! Read on to discover ten of the most famous and astounding cases...

India debuts world's cheapest tablet computer at Rs.1750 tomorrow

04/10/2011 12:23
    India debuts world's cheapest tablet computer at $35 tomorrow                               The world's cheapest tablet computer, which will be unwrapped on Wednesday, will go on sale in India...
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