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Man becomes Woman to get a good job

28/09/2011 17:54
This world is full of strange things. Another strange thing happened in India, an Indian male intentionally became a female just to get a good job. The youth, a native of Vaddera Colony in the mandal, underwent a sex change operation in Mumbai and returned home recently. Poverty has forced a...

Mumbai students top IGCSE exams, Earn global fame

28/09/2011 01:05
  City students emerged as world toppers in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) exams held last November and May-June 2011, at the national level. Out of the 12 Indian world toppers, seven are from Dhirubhai Ambani International School. The students have...

Facebook tracks what you do online even when you're logged out

28/09/2011 00:57
  Canberra, Sept 26 (ANI): An Australian technologist has claimed that Facebook can track the web pages you visit, even when you are logged out of the social networking giant. According to Wollongong-based Nik Cubrilovic, when the user is logged out of Facebook, rather than deleting its...

How To KILL A LION?Industrial Techniues‏

22/09/2011 18:57
How To KILL A    LION  , COMPANIES FOLLOW THE FOLLOWING METHODS:      Cognizant Method:     hire a lion... ask him to stay for late nights but give him no work to do.  give him gobi 65 to eat again and...
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